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2D animation Vs. 3D animation Which is better for digital marketing?

2D animation Vs. 3D animation Which is better for digital marketing?

Undoubtedly, in digital marketing One of the most effective ways of distributing content is Video/Animation. 

There is a strong bond between including video, 2D, and 3D animation in your content marketing plan and increasing the sales, the conversion rate, and the leads.

With an appealing visual style and creative idea, the videos can play a double role to educate and entertain the audience. It can encourage your audience to show engagement. Also, it makes your brand’s sound louder, recognizable and reach everywhere or even gives your brand its unique personality. 

There are many forms of video that can fulfill the business inquiries “objectives”. There are promotional or explainer videos. Even live streams, unboxing, comparison or product videos. All those may be useful if it is published on the brand’s social media platforms or other web platforms. But the most stunning ones are pretty shareable. 

If you are a digital marketer or online business owner, it’s important to choose the right animation video style you will include in your content marketing plan. 

There are many things you should define before you make a decision about which animation style you are going to use:

  • Business objectives you want to achieve 
  • Which animation style will serve the  idea better
  • The audience recognition. Your prime prospect criteria 
  • The video budget

 The marketing animation video styles:

2D animation – 3D animation – motion graphics – Whiteboard animation – Stop motion 

2D animation – all the movements are presented in two-dimensional space. 

3D animation – similarly, three dimensional-space is used in all movements along with digital tools.

Whiteboard animation – an animation style that lets the audience take part in the drawing process.

Motion graphics – it is combining typical design elements, numerous shapes, and typography with an illusion of movement. 

Stop motion – it’s a sequence of photographed objects that is used to create a visual effect of movement. 

Nowadays 2D and 3D animation videos are one of the most dynamic and fast-growing fields in the digital marketing world. Having been associated with entertainment as TV cartoon for years, recently it has been making inroads into other fields, including online and offline advertising, digital marketing, and interactive experiences.

Here we’re going to demonstrate the main difference between 2D/3D animation videos. Which better?  Which is more effective for your business?
Let’s explain first what’s 2D and 3D animation videos! 

What is 2D animation?

In terms “2D” stands for two dimensional, meaning that the  2D designers create images, icons, and characters in the two-dimensional format and the animators bring them to life with movement.

This animation style has been started a long time ago, the first thing that comes to mind the old “Walt Disney” animation productions and it’s characters and the famous TV show “The Simpsons” and now “Rick and Morty“. 
Recently the 2D animation style becomes one of the most suitable video styles fitting with online marketing. 

Pros. and Cons. of 2D animation videos 

  • Simple and familiar with the audience 
     Using 2D animation can simplify any complex topic to a very simple, easy and understandable one. 
  • Short time production 
    The production time of 2D is short, It can be produced rapidly.
  • Low production cost 
    Compared with 3D animation or live shooting the 2D animation is relatively cheaper. 
  • Visually attractive  
     Many people like 2D videos because they usually have colorful, funny and enjoyable content.
  • It can be boring
    Without a well-defined concept or a creative idea, it can be boring.  
  • Design and movements limitation
    Compared with 3D animation, it has many constraints regarding the designs and the character’s movements.   

What is 3D animation?   

3D animation is a process of using digital tools to create characters or model a product in three dimensions ( height, width, and depth). And the animator has the ability to rotate the design 360-degree and this opens great possibilities to create realistic movements and lifelike surroundings.

The final product from 3D animation is having a catchy, realistic and detail-oriented look for the audience. Tiny details like texture, shadowplay and reflections are in the range of 3D animations too. That’s why 3D is usually chosen for automotive, laptops and mobiles launching videos or anything need to make a remarkable visual impression.

Pros. and Cons. of 3D animation videos:

  • Realistic look
    3D animation gives any product or character a real-life look. 
  • Efficient quality
    3D modeling gives high quality and more gameplay compared to 2D.
  • Motion flexibility
    As mentioned 3D has the ability to rotate the design 360 degrees. 
  • Visual impression
    People usually get impressed with 3D animation videos.
  • Limited imagination
    Limited possibilities of what the machine can do not what is wanted to create.
  • Cost and time
    The 3D animation production process takes a long time and costs thousands of dollars. 
  • Lack of simplicity
    When it comes to 3D everything is complicated.

How to choose between 2D/3D animation?

Determining which animation video style you are going to choose depends on many factors, in the end, it’s your call. Think precisely what is the exact message you want to highlight, what is the information you would like to convey through the video and which video style can fit with your brand archetype?

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